23 July 23
Pistol Skills!
A week ago, Saturday, three heroic Fargo, ND PD Patrolmen, investigating a reported traffic accident, were precipitously fired upon by a suspect who was sitting in an uninvolved vehicle. Exact gun(s) the suspect used has not been reported.
One officer was murdered, and two others were wounded. A woman at the scene was also struck by the suspect’s fire, but apparently not fatally. No firefighters (also on the scene) were struck, but their vehicles were.
The single suspect was shot and killed at the scene by a forth Fargo PD Officer.
Weapons and ammunition were subsequently discovered in the suspect’s vehicle, and it is pretty obvious he was on his way to a nearby festival (“Downtown Fargo Street Fair”) and planned to commit multiple murders there.
So, these brave officers probably prevented a major mass murder!
Interesting that this suspect was a Syrian national (Islamic), in this country on an “asylum request.”
Yet, the ND AG said in a TV interview that his weapons were “purchased legally”
How does a Syrian national (non-US Citizen) “legally” acquire guns while he is in the USA on an “asylum request?”
We get no answer to that question, just the leftist media’s usual clamoring for gun bans to be imposed on legal US citizens, who don’t commit crimes.
In addition, we’re told that this suspect was “thoroughly vetted” before being allowed into our country. We’re assured ICE’s so-called “vetting process” will protect us from terrorists.
Well, it obviously didn’t protect these three FPD officers, nor the injured woman! I have to wonder what future deadly dramas will be perpetuated by so-called “asylum-seekers,” whom we’ve been piously assured, are “thoroughly vetted.”
1) As we find ourselves immersed in yet another contentious, probably violent, “election season,” it is all the more important for us to stay away from large gatherings (public or private), particularly those with political overtones. Many murderous terrorists have already been let-into our country, as we see, and many more are being casually let-in every day.
2) In our “age of terrorism,” Operators need to refine our pistol skills, to include effective threat engagement at what many consider “long range,” 20m-30m. The officer who shot and killed the suspect in the Fargo, ND incident used his service pistol (brand/caliber/optics not reported), with obvious deadly effect, at a range of 20+m. Some currently-working police officers would find that shot beyond their ability. Thank Heaven, this one didn’t!
3) Most of us keep serious rifles/shotguns nearby and handy, and that probably represents good strategy. Yet, the gun that is almost always going to be quickest and handiest will be your carry-pistol, because that is the one your hand will find first, and that is the one that has the best chance of saving your life!
“The professional has failed more times than the amateur has tried”