18 July 23
“We carried our weapons with us at all times, even when we went for water”
Nehemiah, Chapter 4, Verse 23
Personal Safety!
Lies pertaining to personal safety are regularly repeated by media-endorsed “experts.” These myths are all agenda-driven in an effort on the part of “progressive” politicians and their media mouthpieces to convince citizens that the exponentially-expanding wave of violent crime that is happening right in front of us is all in our imagination!
1) State-sanctioned/assisted distribution and use of illegal drugs, elimination of bail, elimination of incarceration, unenthusiastic prosecution, unenthusiastic/de-funded policing, “legalization” of theft, vandalism, squatting, and other (former) offenses, all combine to “reduce crime.”
Ask beleaguered residents of San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC about this promised, but ever-illusory, “crime reduction!”
2) All guns need to be banned from legal possession by “average citizens.” This will reduce “gun violence.”
To suggest that disarmed citizens can somehow defend themselves successively, using “environmental weapons” or “empty hands,” from armed and violent felons (who don’t comply with naive gun bans) is an insult to the our intelligence, particularly when politicians cynically exempt themselves from obeying their own laws!
3) Give violent criminals “anything they want.” Never resist.
What do I do when what they “want” is to harm me and my family?
Curious that liberals never have an answer to that question!
4) When confronted by armed criminals, simply run to a nearby “gun-free zone.” There you’ll find CCTV, monitored (at least occasionally) by unarmed “security staff.”
Suggesting that, in such a case, some “security person” will “miraculously materialize” and protect me from harm, is the stuff of fairy tales. Asking me to bet my life on it is an affront.
As a nation, we are witnessing an unholy alliance that weakens all that is good and decent, and empowers all that is bad and sleazy, and it is all by design!
Money and distance, so often a “shield” for the comfortable, can only insulate for a limited time, as many among the well-to-do are unhappily discovering.
Ready or not, a “bad neighborhood” is coming to a place near you!