29 July 23
“An evil man will burn his nation, so he can rule ashes!”
Sun Tzu
One of the “promises” made by BHO during his administration was that he intended to “fundamentally change our nation”
His spiritual successor has surely taken the fulfillment of that promise seriously, as we thus find ourselves in a more-or-less permanent, and progressively worsening, violent crime wave!
Violent criminals, with the aid, protection, and encouragement of liberal politicians, are plying their trade with virtual impunity in the nation’s metro areas, almost all controlled by Democrats.
Ecumenical squalor, filth, lawlessness, anarchy are all on the woke agenda, and they’ve not denied it.
It wouldn’t be that way if they didn’t want it that way!
It is so bad (and dangerous) in Portland, Seattle, SF, LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Memphis, DC, et al that decent people are all moving out! And, they’re moving to states and areas not controlled by liberal Democrats.
On a personal level:
“Guidance” offered to women with regard to personal safety, “guidance” proffered by the same liberals who manufactured the problem in the first place, always consists of mostly-useless “lifestyle modifications,” like:
“Don’t go anywhere alone” (as if that were possible).
Or “advice” that is conspicuously intelligence-insulting, like,
“Stay away from the ‘bad part of town’” (as if that were even remotely possible, particularly when one lives in the “bad part of town,” because she can’t afford to live in any other part of town)
The one piece of personal security advice you’ll never hear from any mainstream media outlet, nor from any branch of government, is:
“Buy a gun. Get your CCW permit. Get competent training. Join ACLDN. Always go armed. Be prepared, at all times and places, to defend yourself with gunfire when necessary.”
Curious that those in the media and government definitely take the foregoing paragraph seriously, and with enthusiasm, when applied to themselves!
Yet, they tell you not to, or they avoid the subject altogether.
In the same way, Park Rangers advise those hiking in “Bear Country” that they can bet their lives on “Bear Spray”
Yet, when those same Park Rangers find themselves in the same “Bear Country,” they’re armed with heavy weapons, rifles and slug-shooting shotguns!
Accordingly, it strikes me that the best advice (when you take personal security seriously) is to do exactly as they do,
… but not what they say!
“The Right of Self-Defense is the foundation for both individual and national rights.
By contrast, for liberals ‘grievance-based violence’ opens the door to progressive tyranny that they long for.”
Dan Greenfield