30 July 23
The “New” Cold War!
The entire Continent of Africa is currently being “re-colonized,” this time not by Western Europeans, but by
Russians and Chinese- all as the “West” stands-by and does nothing!
A half-dozen African nations have recently seen their secular governments tumble and be instantly replaced by Russian and Chinese-friendly military coups, the latest being Niger.
This progressive, brutal re-colonization is being referred to by the intelligence-insulting term:
“Multi-Polar World Order”
Curious that “colonization” is such a “bad thing” in the minds of Western media magnates, except when it is perpetrated by Communists. As long as Russian and China are doing it (with their customary barbarism), it is apparently just fine, since our leftist media never met a Communist they didn’t like!
The balance of the African Continent is feeling the pressure and will likely fall under the same dark cloud. Local politicians there (just as over here) are more than happy to sell their nations and citizens down the river, so long as they are promised a prominent position with the “new government.” Of course, most will “quietly disappear” the instant they are no longer useful, a predictable segment of Communist operational style.
Refreshingly, Ukrainians and Taiwanese are bravely resisting Communist take-overs, precisely because they have frightening, first-hand experience with Communist rule!
Conversely, “soon-to-be-dispossessed” Africans may naively think colonization by Russians and Chinese will usher-in a “new utopia,” as is always promised. They’re about to be rudely jarred-out of their folly. But too late, because with Communists, take-overs are always “one way!”
If Africans thought English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Germans, Belgians, Spanish, and Italians were brutish, they’ve seen nothing yet!
Another chapter of cruel, barbarous world history is unfolding!
“The willfully naive may finally be able to see clearly, but only after ‘falling off their mule on the road to Damascus!’”