17 July 23
“Too Many (Registered) Guns?”
The currently in-custody fifty-nine-year-old suspect in the series of “Gilgo Beach Murders,” in Suffolk County, NY (Long Island), dating back to 2010, now stands accused of at least three of those murders.
If he is guilty, he may also be guilty of at least eight other, similar murders committed around the same time and in the same area. Those “other” cases remain open, at least currently.
As was the case with the notorious “Green-River Murderer” in WA and OR, who committed his crimes over at least a decade (1980s-90s), nearly all of the Gilgo Beach victims were female prostitutes, which always makes the investigation difficult.
Prostitution is a dangerous profession, albeit probably the oldest!
During the forthcoming normal criminal/justice process, which may include a high-profile trial, many additional details will probably be revealed, but there are several disturbing developments that should concern all of us:
NY’s extremely restrictive gun laws (many of which have subsequently been found unconstitutional) even when in-place and presumably enforced, obviously did not prevent this serial-murder suspect from legally acquiring, and also properly registering/licensing, a number of firearms, in fact “a vault-full” (whatever that means) according to the Suffolk County Police Commissioner.
Law-abiding NY residents, who arduously struggle to comply with hopelessly-complex, draconian state gun-control statutes, have been piously assured that proper registration and licensing of guns will protect them from being automatically categorized as “suspects” during investigation of violent crimes.
Maybe not!
In the aftermath of the arrest of this particular suspect, the above-mentioned police commissioner stated,
“Any time somebody has that type of arsenal, we have some concerns.”
I’m not at all sure what an “arsenal” is, yet up until the day of this suspect’s arrest, county authorities apparently didn’t “have concerns,” apparently not a single concern, about this one!
Does this mean that any law-abiding county resident (who is not a government employee) but who owns more that one or two guns, even when all his or her guns are legally acquired and duly registered/licensed, will still automatically merit the “concern” of county authorities?
We’ve been promised that “registration and licensing” will remove gun-owners from suspicion.
That is obviously untrue!
Liberals pay smug lip-service to “individual freedom and liberty,” all until a citizen tries to actually exercise his freedoms. Suddenly, that same citizen finds himself labeled “extremist,” “terrorist,” “racist,” etc, by the same liberals!
“Too many guns,” like too much freedom in general, will always make autocrats nervous!
Never doubt it!
“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy, because you have ‘nothing to hide’ is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech, because you have nothing to say.”