22 July 23
Follow-up on “Crime Tourism,” from a friend within the System:
“No illegal alien is ever ‘held-over’ after being arrested, not a single one (unless they recently murdered someone).
All are given cell phones and released immediately.
They’re laughingly instructed to ‘call-in every thirty days,’ so ICE knows where they are, but almost none do. Why would they? There are zero consequences either way!
They smugly depart, never to be seen (by us) again, knowing, as we do, that our ‘System’ is a joke.
A significant percentage subsequently become affiliated with gangs and commit (multiple) felonies. Only the most egregious are ever prosecuted. Even among those, almost none are ever incarcerated. The vast majority are just turned-loose (once more), and of course promptly re-offend, with scant delay!
Our ‘System’ is hopelessly overloaded! Last year’s court dates were two years out. Today, they are running four years!
At that, when they are due in court, only a minuscule fraction ever show-up. Again, why would they?
No one here has any respect for ‘The Secretary,’ nor our ‘System’
It is a cruel joke on all decent citizens!
As you say, never look to ICE, nor any federal agency, for ‘protection!’”
Obviously, the Administration professes to “protect our borders” in the same way a pedophile professes to love his victim.