3 July 23
Liberal Mantra:
1) Violent criminals are “victims of society.” Productive, tax-paying citizens are the real villains
2) Society should not “take sides” between violent criminal and innocent victim.
3) Violent criminals should not be penalized for our collective failure to provide a “truly fair society”
4) The only people who should be allowed to possess and carry guns are politicians and other “officials” who are working towards a truly fair society, and whose lives are therefore more important than lives of mere tax-payers
5) Of course, compromises must be made for the rich, who may withhold support from liberal politicians when they (the rich) don’t receive “special privileges,” (not available to mere “low-level tax-payers”) such as the ability to defend themselves with gunfire.
6) A truly fair society, where only (a) politicians, (b) other “privileged,” and (c) violent criminals have guns, and where capitalists, Christians, Jews, and other “counter-revolutionaries” are disarmed and then receive the punishment they deserve, will be a regular paradise!
Frank Silberburg
The media may dishonestly describe these sudden, electronically-coordinated convergences of violent, youthful rioters as “mostly peaceful,” but local residents and victims usually furnish a more colorful description!
In our metro areas, this “summer of love” has devolved into a “summer of flash-mobs”
These mobs, consisting of dozens (often hundreds) of young hooligans, together descend upon a
neighborhood, sometimes a particular business, pillaging, plundering, and vandalizing, doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in a matter of minutes, often injuring anyone caught in the middle.
And, they do all this knowing there is scant risk to them! So, it is a popular summertime activity, all with essentially no consequences.
Police may arrive, but have been ordered by Democrat mayors to do nothing. Mobsters eventually run away, but there are seldom any arrests, and those few who are arrested are released immediately.
Liberal prosecutors rarely charge anyone (except the business-owner when he manages to hurt one of the mobsters), and there is never any restitution by, much less jail time for, any rioter!
The foregoing is yet another reason to stay out of most metro areas, particularly at night. When in or near one of these areas, keep your head up and stay informed about local happenings.
Don’t inadvertently drive-into a flash-mob and suddenly find yourself surrounded by violent mobsters!
Even a local “block party” can easily, instantly turn-into a multiple-homicidal event, as happened last night in Baltimore, MD!
During this election season, dangerous chaos, anarchy, widespread lawlessness are, and will continue to be, commonplace.
Most (but not all) is confined to metro areas.
We need to be alert and aware everywhere and at every minute, but some places are inherently more dangerous than others.
Those are places you want to stay away from!