2 July 23
“What adjective can be used for a nation who is consistently fooled, recurrently deceived by crafty politicians?”
Mehmet Murat ildan
Rioting French!
France has become a chaotic, non-integrated mishmash of a nation!
This is what comes of unbridled immigration.
No society/culture can safely absorb such an unregulated avalanche of illegal immigrants, particularly from third-world shit-holes!
Today, rioters rammed a suburban Paris mayor’s home with a burning motor vehicle. The house was mostly destroyed. The mayor himself was not home at the time, but his wife and children were and had to flee out the back door. As they did, they were fired upon by rioters! The wife suffered a broken leg in the incident, and at least one child was also injured.
As usual, French officials responded with their typical hollow bluster, complete with empty threats of “holding perpetrators accountable.”
Blah! Blah! Blah!
We’ve heard it all before
Raging mobs in France smell weakness on the part of France’s current PM, Elisabeth Borne and her Administration, and for good cause!
Thus, unchecked chaos is likely to continue, without rioters fearing any forceful response on the part of police.
Rioters’ demands, one by one, will be sheepishly acceded to by cowardly French officials, as they always are!
The French “nation” is in big trouble!
I wonder if British, Germans, and Americans are watching this dangerous national meltdown occurring right under their collective noses!
“Whatever ‘equilibrium’ your nation reaches, there is always someone, at home or abroad, who has reasons to upset it.”
Anne Applebaum