6 Oct 99

This just in from my friend in the Philippines:

“A few days ago, I was at the range when two rank beginner shooters showed up, thoroughly excited about their latest gizmos. Both gentlemen carry Glocks, and each of their pistols was fitted with a ‘full-auto’ device which attached to the rear of their slides.

Upon examining it, it was obvious that the device simply locked the pistol’s firing pin forward, causing it to slam fire each time the slide went into battery.

I was saddened to see that these novices view full-auto fire as a substitute for consistent marksmanship. Looking at them go into their laughable aggressive stances (which still failed to control the pistol as it fired), it was obvious that it defeated the reactionary nature of pistols, not to mention the fact that the subsequent fusillade of bullets invariably hit everything downrange, EXCEPT the target!

It took more time for them to brace themselves than it normally does for a competent shooter to draw, fire several accurate rounds, and reholster.

Unhappily, these devices are now hot items with the Glocksters in Manila. What’s scary is that people are actually carrying this rubbish without any conception of the catastrophe which fill immediately follow its use.”


Stupidity, combined with arrogance is always a recipe for disaster!