7 Oct 99

This from a friend in Arizona:

“A local Sheriff’s deputy named Richard Carmona came upon a situation in traffic. Carmona is actually a local doctor, but he is associated with the local PD and carries local tin.

One car had just rammed another from the rear. The driver of the car that did the ramming immediately exited his vehicle, with a pistol in his hand, and began threatening the female driver of the rammed vehicle.

Carmona, seeing what was happening, stopped and confronted Goofy with verbal commands. Carmona had his own gun and police ID drawn. Goofy promptly fired at him. Carmona returned fire. Goofy was hit and died at the scene. Neither Carmona nor the female driver were injured.

Carmona fired a total of seven rounds (no word on caliber). Three hit Goofy. At least one was fatal. One hit a passing car (no injury). Two bullets were recovered after striking other objects in the immediate area. One is still unaccounted for. The range between Goofy and Carmona was close, but no exact distance was revealed. No word on what was hit by Goofy’s round(s).

Goofy turned out to be a full-blown looney/sociopath, recently released from the County psyche ward (Oops!). Just prior to the incident he had murdered his own father. No telling what he might have done next if not for Carmona’s intervention, taken at considerable personal risk.

The local newspaper has been full of praise for Carmona’s heroic actions. The same newspaper has been historically rabidly anti-gun. They will, no doubt, now return to their previous anti-gun bias.

The point is: This evil was not terminated by kind wishes, clever words, or appeal to rational behavior. It was stopped by decisive and violent intervention from a gun-carrying citizen. Good show, Doc!”

Lesson: When it’s least expected, you’re elected!