8 Oct 99

Some interesting statistics and info from various lecturers at the IALEFI Conference:

>78% of people who assault police officers are intoxicated

>95% of police officers who reach cover during a shooting incident are ultimately uninjured.

>The primary indicator of impending violent resistance on the part of a suspect is the SUSPECT FAILING TO COMPLY WITH OR CONTEMPTUOUSLY IGNORING COMMANDS

>Other definitive indicators of impending violence:

Hands on hips
Cocked head
Arms folded
Fists clenched
Jaw clenched
Deliberate avoidance of eye contact
Continuously looking around
Sustained verbal rationalizations
Continuous yawning and stretching

>Shivering after a shooting incident is a common symptom of post-violence trauma. It can be so pronounced that officers have actually gone back in their cars and turned the heater on!

>A common source of injurious misjudgment on the part of a police officer confronting a suspect is the officer considering and trying to access SUSPECT INTENTIONS rather than SUSPECT CAPABILITIES. It’s not what they intend. It’s what they’re capable of!

>Range personnel at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix tell me that they have experienced a 71% increase in range usage by female shooters since the installation of flush toilets!