27 Sept 99

I had a chance to extensively shoot the LS40 pistol from STI last weekend at a defensive handgun program in the Midwest.

I used an Alessi holster designed for a S&W 4556, but the fit was sufficiently good to make it work in the short term. My Kydex magazine holder made for me by Dave Elderton at Ky-Tec for the same S&W pistol also sufficed.

The LS40 is a very good pistol. It is surely designed for daily carrying, and the comfort level was very high indeed. It flatness and relatively light weight contribute greatly to its carryability. It’s still bigger than my Kahr-40, however.

It’s been some time since I’ve carried a cocked-and-locked pistol, but it all came back quite rapidly.

Some of the students who tried it complained that their shooting hand took a pounding, owing to the narrow grip. However, it was generally well received. I’ll have additional opportunities to use it over the next few months.