12 Oct 99

From a friend in NY: “As you know, I work evenings at a large gun store here in western New York. The following took place on 8 Oct 99.

A woman (mid-30s) entered our store and approached the pistol case which houses our inventory of Glock pistols. She pointed into the Glock case and said, ‘I want to see one of those.’

Our store policy is that a person must possess a valid Law Enforcement, ID or NY Pistol Permit in order to touch any handgun. So, I asked to see her permit. This request was met with a snort of annoyance as she nonchalantly and condescendingly produced her police ID (NY State Police)

As I unlocked the case I heard the impact of a heavy object on the counter. When I looked up, I saw that she had removed her duty pistol (Glock M26) from its holster, and it was now sitting on the case pointed at me, with her hand still on it!

I immediately side stepped for the sake of my own safety and asked her to be careful where she was pointing her gun. She responded, ‘It’s okay. It’s not loaded. Besides, I’m a firearms instructor.’ As I wondered why she was carrying an unloaded gun, she turned the gun so that it was now pointed at several other customers!

Still trying to be polite, I told her I would appreciate it if she would take more care when handling guns, loaded or not. Her response was to contemptuously roll her eyes, mumble something about ‘civilians’ knowing nothing about guns, and walk away in a huff.

I, and everyone else in the store, was simply amazed at the arrogant disregard for safety that this person demonstrated. I later learned that she actually teaches at the State Police Academy in the firearms training unit. NY State Police made no friends that day.”

Lesson: Just because it quacks and waddles, doesn’t mean it can swim.