3 Oct 99

This is from a colleague in Texas:

“Here is a recap of permit info I have submitted and the results:


No Home State Permit Required.
Application needs no notary.
Fingerprints required.
Proof of Training required (16 hour Course by AZ Instructor, OR
Approval by DPS, as in my case, as
an AZ Instructor bypassing this requirement
No References needed.
No Photograph.
Fifty dollars first issue.
Four-year term.

Sent for application April 22nd…DPS received April 29th….Application
arrived within one week thereafter….Sent application back August 18th
received by DPS Aug 27th….Permit granted September 8th. Fast Service!

New Hampshire:

Home State Permit REQUIRED
No Notary required for application
No Fingerprints required
No photograph required
No proof of training required
Two personal references (Names, Addresses) REQUIRED
20 dollars first issue
4 year term

Application request sent April 22nd NHDPS received April
27th…application sent to me within one week.
Sent completed application (One Page Simple To Fill Out) back
August 18th…NHDPS received August 27th….Permit issued September
13th…Fast Service!


It is necessary to obtain a local Town Permit PRIOR to obtaining a
State Issued One. Connecticut is a MAY ISSUE State so the utmost
courtesy is IMPORTANT in working with them as they do not HAVE TO

Requested a Town Permit from the Town of Sharon (Which is very
OPEN minded providing one does not DEMAND anything from them ).
Sent request for application April22nd….Sharon received
April 26th….application arrived on a timely basis within one
week…..Sent completed application to Sharon August 18th…
Sharon received August 23rd:

Application MUST be notarized
No photo required
No home state permit required
Fingerprints REQUIRED
Proof of Training REQUIRED
No References required
35 dollars first issue
Five year term

Permit arrived today October 2nd….just a little over a month!

Have submitted application to State Police (I asked for an
application in the interim and received it on a timely basis with
a letter from CSP explaining that a TOWN PERMIT is a MUST first! )
this date…..State Police Application is simple to fill out as all
information was handled by Sharon….PHOTOGRAPHS required for State
License….Price: thirty-five dollars.

All the foregoing permits are obtainable ENTIRELY by mail
without having to appear personally”