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30 Sept 20 DOD is not only afraid of guns. They’re afraid of coyotes! Dating from WWII, Camp Lejeune in NC (named after John A Lejeune, 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps) consumes 250 square miles of NC coastline and includes many lakes and waterways. Camp Lejeune has its own Fish and Game Department, and DOD personnel […]

Cars and Riots!

29 Sept 20 Cars and Rioters: For one, I haven’t seen BLM, nor ANTIFA, involved in a single “peaceful protest.” All have turned violent, by design, more or less instantly! We’ve seen several incidents of throngs of violent rioters surrounding vehicles whose occupants accidentally wandered into the riot. We’ve subsequently seen that stationary cars provide scant protection for their […]


25 Sept 20 Fate of the Unarmed! “Who carried materials did their work with one hand, and held a weapon in the other, and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked.” Nehemiah 4:16-18 In the UK (London), a long-serving police officer, who was unarmed, was murdered via gunfire yesterday. A suspect in custody, who […]

More Laws!

23 Sept 20 More Laws? The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws! Seneca, the Younger In the wake of the Brianna Taylor grand jury verdict today, and predictable riots that are just now fulminating, leftists (Democrats) are, as always, insisting that instant criminal charges against people who actually work for a living are always the only […]

Commercial Air Travel

22 Sept 20Commercial Air TravelI just completed a trip via commercial air (SW Airlines) to and from MDW (Midway Airport, Chicago) with my usual complement of gear. At MDW, they don’t have an X-ray machine, so all luggage is detail-inspected, manually!There was no issue with any of my equipment, and my luggage all went through […]


18 Sept 20 “When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamor.” Piers Anthony The new “Witchcraft” 430 years ago, my ancestors in present-day MA, when they wanted a annoying political opponent done away with, would simply accuse him […]


18 Sept 20 ACLDN’s main Web Page is at:  The one listed in yesterday’s Quip is a development site and doesn’t work as well. Sorry for the gaffe! /John

“Innocent Until Proven Indigent!”

17 Sept 20 ACLDN With the current scramble to acquire progressively harder-to-find guns and ammunition suitable for self-defense, many among the naive assume that the only fight that matters is the first one they have in defense of their lives. Yet, the next “fight for your life” will be in the courtroom (criminal, civil, administrative, […]

Serious Rifles!

16 Sept 20  Serious Rifles!  Alex Robinson, CEO of Robinson Armament of SLC, UT, manufacturers of the wonderful RA/XCR Rifle, just informed me that a shipment of XCRs, bound for Canada, had been returned.  This is due to Canada’s recent universal banning of just about all autoloading rifles. The ban is being opposed in court, […]

Live From The Field

14 Sept 20 “The chicken is just an egg’s way of making another egg.” Richard Dawkins Modern Urban Rifles Some years ago, I (with the aid of several prominent gunsmiths) produced a shortened Garand Rifle (“Tanker” style). I wanted a suitable “car gun” that was short and handy. The “FDR,” as I called it (for “Farnam Defensive Rifle”) was in 308 […]

Rich Punks!

10 Sept 20 Yesterday, seven rich, ungrateful, white punks, progeny of liber-wealthy NYC “parents,” took a break from partying long enough to join the daily BLM/ANTIFA mayhem in NYC, and to their astonishment, got themselves arrested for vandalism by weary NYC police officers! What a surprise to discover that the law actually applies to them too! I’m sure […]

A Disgrace!

9 Sept 20 “Text without context is usually pretext.” Ted Mallory A disgrace to their profession! This morning, WBEN AM 930 Radio (Buffalo, NY) conducted an interview with a Rochester, NY TV reporter. The subject was violent criminal chaos ongoing in Rochester, NY. The entire Rochester PD command staff, including the chief, has precipitously either retired or resigned. Of particular interest […]

It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be!

9 Sept 20 “You must travel through those woods again and again, and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time. But the wolf, the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once!” Emily Carroll Bodies of a missing CA couple were found last weekend at bottom of well near El Socorrito in the western Mexican […]

“‘New’ Morality”

8 Sept 20 “A knife may not be a longsword, but its edge will cut you all the same.” Ed McDonald British police arrested a single, male suspect yesterday in connection with Sunday’s knife attacks in the “nightlife district” in the English city of Birmingham. Seven victims seriously injured. One fatality. Chief Superintendent Steve Graham of West Midlands Police instantly […]

No More Right to Self-Defense!

1 Sept 20 “This is not a dictatorship! We are never going to use force, because we belong to the people. Moreover, the day that the people do not want us, we shall leave. As soon as possible I will take rifles off the streets. There are no more enemies! There is no longer anything to fight against!” Fidel Castro in […]