17 Sept 20


With the current scramble to acquire progressively harder-to-find guns and ammunition suitable for self-defense, many among the naive assume that the only fight that matters is the first one they have in defense of their lives.

Yet, the next “fight for your life” will be in the courtroom (criminal, civil, administrative, likely all three).

If the McCloskey Case is any guide:

The second fight will be just as vicious, much more expensive, and will likely also feature barbarous “bad guys,” but these bad guys will be wearing expensive suits and ties, will be bearing official titles, and will be venomously devoted to a leftist political agenda!

And these “bad guys” have unlimited access to the public treasury when pursuing their vendetta against you.

Remember, its “Innocent, Until Proven Indigent”

In this Country, we have the best justice money can buy!

Becoming a member of ACLDN is therefore just as important as carefully selecting serious weapons and competent training.

Do it BEFORE the fight(s) for your life!

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network