16 Sept 20 

Serious Rifles! 

Alex Robinson, CEO of Robinson Armament of SLC, UT, manufacturers of the wonderful RA/XCR Rifle, just informed me that a shipment of XCRs, bound for Canada, had been returned. 

This is due to Canada’s recent universal banning of just about all autoloading rifles. The ban is being opposed in court, but in the interim Canadians cannot buy autoloading rifles, and ones currently legally owned are slated for forced confiscation! 

Like JRB down here, Trudeau capriciously lumps them all into the “weapons of war” category! 

This is exactly what JRB (Biden) has planned for Americans, as a “first step” in the unconditional removal of all privately-owned guns in America, a Democrat wet dream many decades old! 

So Robinson Armament currently has a number of XCRs, in a number of calibers, including 5.56×45, 7.62×51, 300Blk, originally bound for Canada, that are suddenly available here.

 They won’t be for long! 

Ten weeks is the minimum waiting-period currently from any manufacturer of quality serious rifles, and that is optimistic as most serious rifles are already sold months before they’re even manufactured. 

Robinson Armament
801 355 0401