29 Sept 20 Cars and Rioters: For one, I haven’t seen BLM, nor ANTIFA, involved in a single “peaceful protest.” All have turned violent, by design, more or less instantly! We’ve seen several incidents of throngs of violent rioters surrounding vehicles whose occupants accidentally wandered into the riot. We’ve subsequently seen that stationary cars provide scant protection for their occupants when numerous pedestrian VCAs attack simultaneously with makeshift clubs, knives, and guns. The same edged weapon that can puncture tires, can puncture you! “Chase cars” are being employed by these VCAs to pursue cars that dare fail to stop for their “roadblocks” and “checkpoints” (where occupants are shaken-down for money and other valuables) Advice: Don’t drive into sections of metro areas where riots are occurring and recurring. Avoid all these areas when you can! Avoid driving at night, when possible. Keep moving! Don’t stop. When necessary, ignore stop signs, stop-and-go lights, and other traffic controls. When your car is attacked, be prepared to drive away as fast as you can, even on flat tires and with smashed windows. Go armed. You can only run so fast and so far! Violent Marxist chaos is just getting started here in the USA. It will last well into 2021 and will get worse, much worse! /John