9 Sept 20 “You must travel through those woods again and again, and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time. But the wolf, the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once!” Emily Carroll Bodies of a missing CA couple were found last weekend at bottom of well near El Socorrito in the western Mexican state of Baja. Their abandoned vehicle was found nearby. Cause of death was not reported, and of course a competent autopsy and thorough investigation and both extremely unlikely! The couple was part of an extensive “ex-pat community” living (retired) in northern Mexico. They had been missing since August. Local authorities suspect “foul play.” Duh! Ya think? Many Americans retire in foreign countries (particularly Mexico), believing their retirement money will go further there than it will within CONUS, and they’re probably right. In fact, there are entire American “ex-pat communities” in several parts of Mexico, as noted. Yet, US State Dept Travel Advisories and Alerts should never be taken lightly! The harsh reality is that most of the world outside CONUS is extremely dangerous, and American “ex-pats” in Mexico and other places are inordinately vulnerable, and have zero rights. They enjoy scant “protection!” Their frequent murders and “disappearances” are seldom investigated, and perpetrators are almost never arrested, nor charged. In Mexico and most other foreign countries, American “ex-pats” may not possess guns. Who do anyway can expect to be thrown into a Mexican prison for the extremely short remainder of their lives when they shoot in self-defense, regardless of circumstances. Social fabric is unraveling even in many American cities, and entire states (CA, NY). Worse in most foreign countries. Our lives will depend upon our ability to adequately defend ourselves with deadly force, maybe sooner than we think. For one, I want to remain in a place where I can be armed and where unilateral, lethal self-defense is legally permitted! “Monsters exist, but they are few. More dangerous are common men, desultory ‘functionaries’ who are only too ready to believe, and to act, without asking questions!” Primo Levi /John