10 Sept 20 Yesterday, seven rich, ungrateful, white punks, progeny of liber-wealthy NYC “parents,” took a break from partying long enough to join the daily BLM/ANTIFA mayhem in NYC, and to their astonishment, got themselves arrested for vandalism by weary NYC police officers! What a surprise to discover that the law actually applies to them too! I’m sure they’re still all in shock! These privileged, entitled dirt-bags, along with their nauseating, absentee, excuse-making “parents,” are exactly the type of arrogant Marxists who so pseudo-sanctimoniously demand that the American public be disarmed … except for them and their bodyguards, of course. A year behind bars, mixed-in with general population on Riker’s Island, might give these self-righteous punks brand new outlooks on life! But, we all know that an army of obscenely-paid criminal defense attorneys will swoop-in and pull the appropriate strings, assuring that none of these arrogant, rich scum-bags, who have never earned an honest dime in their sheltered lives, ever see the inside of a jail. In America, particularly in NYC, we have the best justice money can buy! In no time, these sleazy punks will be running for political office, on the Democrat ticket! /John