8 Sept 20 “A knife may not be a longsword, but its edge will cut you all the same.” Ed McDonald British police arrested a single, male suspect yesterday in connection with Sunday’s knife attacks in the “nightlife district” in the English city of Birmingham. Seven victims seriously injured. One fatality. Chief Superintendent Steve Graham of West Midlands Police instantly came to this fact-free conclusion: “There is absolutely no suggestion that this is terror-related.” Wishful thinking! It is almost certainly terror-related, but of course, Islamic immigrants, mostly illegal, are “untouchable” there, as they are here, so lies must be fabricated and routinely promulgated in order to protect them and keep them voting for socialists, no matter what crimes they commit! In order to maintain this false narrative, authorities are comically not only unwilling to release the suspect’s name, nationality, immigration status, nor describe the color of his skin (as clearly revealed on CCTV). They are unwilling to even describe the color of his hoodie! Legal British citizens who actually work for a living and pay taxes are disarmed by law and are thus prohibited from bearing, nor even owning, guns, knives of any sort. In this so-called “advanced, first-world society,” the reflexive inability of elected officials and unelected bureaucrats, all ensconced behind literal armies of heavily-armed (with guns, as well as knives) bodyguards, to honestly advise the disarmed public to be prepared to defend themselves against dangerous, armed attackersis amazing indeed, as well as shamefully dishonest and disgustingly hypocritical. Subjects of Queen Elizabeth II are counseled with regularity by oh-so self-righteous civil servants to “be vigilant” and “remain alert,” but to do nothing affirmative to protect themselves, because self-defense is, of course, unthinkable! This deeply ingrained, pathological “fear of offending others” by clearly stating the truth serves only to corrode respect for all of UK’s institutions! Most Britons have none, nor (obviously) should they! In the UK, Islamics (along with Russians and Chinese) are “untouchable,” which means they are “favored groups,” exempt from obeying the law, much the same way BLM and ANTIFA are over here. Over here, an entire political party (Democrats) actually encourage and promote illegal immigration, voter fraud, and criminal violence against their political opponents in order to prevail in elections where they otherwise would not! As in the UK, they display no shame, as morality is for other people, not for them! Their “new morality” is nothing more that the “new immorality,” which is neither new, nor moral! “I find it a challenge to cooperate in a society where it’s considered moral to critique a resume, yet ‘immoral’ to critique morality.” Criss Jami /John