23 Sept 20 More Laws? The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws! Seneca, the Younger In the wake of the Brianna Taylor grand jury verdict today, and predictable riots that are just now fulminating, leftists (Democrats) are, as always, insisting that instant criminal charges against people who actually work for a living are always the only appropriate response to any “bad outcome” “Bad outcomes” sometimes happen, no matter how good and careful even competent people try to be, but we’re assured by leftists that this civilization can “legislate all the uncertainties out of life,” so that no bad outcome ever happens! Such stupid, dishonest thinking is, of course, destined for catastrophic failure! Even now, good, productive, and honest American citizens are doing their best to “obey” endless volumes of confusing, self-contradictory, poorly-written, and arbitrarily-enforced laws, which grow by several reams every day! We see amoral leftist prosecutors capriciously enforcing tedious, obscure laws against honest citizens, while refusing to enforce any law against their fellow leftist mobsters and other violent criminals. When our entire body of law is as incomprehensible as it is voluminous, then leftists can randomly throw in prison all their political opponents, which has always been the goal of Marxist thugs! Does anyone study history? /John