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Facts of Life!

27 Jan 18 The Ballistic Facts of Life: The Pentagon’s unwavering loyalty to the 5.56×45 cartridge may be faltering, at long last, but we are once again confronted by the Laws of the Universe. New materials, new coatings and other surface treatments, new machining methods and technology, new propellants, all help, but “game-changing miracles,” though […]

2018 SHOT Show, Last Day!

26 Jan 18 2018 SHOT show, Last Day: The Show is over for another year! Most vendors are telling me order-writing is down slightly from last year. However, attendance was strong. Attendees were polite, but serious. We are all there for a purpose! Don Trump Jr showed-up briefly. Of note today: Coast makes a wonderful, […]

2018 SHOT Show, 3rd Day

25 Jan 2018 SHOT Show, Third Day: I saw my old friend, Brian Hoffner, today. He showed me his “Hand Hawk.” I saw this last year, but it was not in production then. It will be next month. Hand Hawk is a small (9″), flat hatchet, with an integral fire-hydrant wrench, oxygen-tank wrench, 3/8″ drive […]

2018 SHOT Show, 2nd Day

24 Jan 18 2018 SHOT Show, 2nd Day: Of note today: Today, I talked with Justin Moon of Kahr Arms. Justin is one of my favorite gun-company CEOs, because he is at his booth all day, for all four days, talking with his customers. He is at the top of his game! Kahr now makes […]

2018 SHOT show, First Day

23 Jan 18 2018 SHOT Show, First Day: Crowded show this year, in spite of attendance restrictions imposed my Show management. We walked and walked, as always! Of note: GTM (Gun Tote’n Mamas), makers of an exhaustive and sophisticated line of purses, handbags, tote bags, etc designed for discreet concealed carry, now has added a […]

2018 SHOT Show, Range Day

22 Jan 18 2018 SHOT Show, Range Day: We had the opportunity today to shoot some of the guns being displayed tomorrow at the 2018 SHOT Show. Range Day has become huge, and just seeing most everything I wanted to see consumed the entire day! Of note: Ruger’s PC Carbine, a pistol-cartridge-firing longarm, has been […]

Exportable Terrorist Scenario!

21 Jan 18 “Take a look around you, Boy. It’s bound to scare you, Boy!” From “The eve of Destruction,” written by PF Sloan. Most famous rendition was Barry McGuire’s from 1965 In 2018, Western Civilization will take a beating at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Yesterday was the first major blow, in Kabul, Afghanistan: […]


19 Jan 18 “Personal freedom brings-forth innovation” Frank DeSomma Follow-on from this morning’s Quip: As it so happens, I’m hanging-out today with my good friend, Freddie Blish, here at Robar in Phoenix, AZ. This morning, the two of us visited Frank DeSomma, CEO of POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory), also located in Phoenix. I know Frank, […]

Battle Rifles

19 Jan 18 Our Next Battle Rifle: What we currently call the “M4″ has been, in various forms, our standard Infantry rifle since the 1960s. As with any new piece of critical equipment that is haphazardly rushed into service in the middle of a war (Vietnam), testing was inadequate (much of it glossed-over), and there […]

New Surface Treatment from Robar!

17 Jan 18 Industry Info: This evening, I enjoyed dinner with my long-time friend, Freddie Blish of Robar. Most of us are familiar with Robar’s famous coatings, including NP3. Freddie showed me a new coating they’re introducing in February. It’s called “Armorlube” It has some natural lubricity, but not nearly as much as NP3. However, […]

New Guns!

15 Jan 18 Handgun Trends: Last week, I got my hands on a Ruger “Security 9″ 9mm autoloading pistol. Basically, it is Ruger’s version of the G19. But the price-tag on the one I handled, at a local retailer in CO, was $300.00! At that price, they’ll likely sell briskly I didn’t shoot it, but […]

Super-Vel Ammunition

10 Jan 18 Latest development in the highly-competitive ammunition industry: My long-time friend and colleague, Peter Pi, has linked-up with Super-Vel Ammunition of Henderson, NV as their new CEO Peter, no longer associated with Cor-Bon Ammunition of Sturgis, SD, is a giant in our industry, and will be a great asset to Super-Vel. Super-Vel Ammunition […]

Behind the Scenes!

9 Jan 18 What we don’t see! Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at a NATO luncheon in Jerusalem yesterday, said bluntly that his various intelligence bureaus have recently thwarted “several dozen” major Islamic terrorist attacks in the Middle East and in Europe. He said further that at least some frustrated attacks involved commercial air […]


6 Jan 18 Addendum to yesterday’s Quip: I’ve received many responses to yesterday’s Quip about lethal self-defense, as you might imagine, and I thank all who took the time to get back with me. Here are some particulars that need to be added: 13) Don’t shoot unless you have to! It all comes down to […]

Where is “Safety?”

5 Jan 18 “Reasonable” Response. A student asks: “I’m in my 70s. When I’m the victim of an unprovoked attack by a younger, bigger, stronger person(s) who is using only his fists, elbows, knees, and/or shod feet, how much of a pommeling am I expected to absorb, and for how long, before I employ deadly […]

Update on Cor-Bon

4 Jan 18 Cor-Bon Update: I just got off the phone with TA Perrine, one of the new owners at Cor-Bon in Sturgis, SD. TA is the main guy, and Cor-Bon’s contact number is 605 347 4544. TA is the one to talk with! In my last Quip, I indicated that product was not being […]

Cor-Bon Update

3 Jan 18 Cor-Bon Cor-Bon ammunition has been a family-owned company since its inception. The only CEO the company ever had was Peter Pi, my good friend and colleague. I was just on the phone with him yesterday. At the end of 2017, Cor-Bon was sold to new owners. The Pi family is no longer […]

Personal Readiness in 2018

2 Jan 18 2018: This will be an active and dangerous year. 1) We’ll see increasing domestic political violence, particularly in metro areas, as we approach Mid-term elections in the fall. Agenda-driven goons, physically harming political opponents, used to be confined to third-world countries. Not any more! 2) It strikes me that precious few, in […]


1 Jan 18 “Lincoln had no patience with any who were perfectly sure they knew details of The Divine Will.” Elton Trueblood Hypocrites in the media! A recent photograph of our SECNAV visiting troops in Afghanistan reveals him openly carrying a pistol in a SERPA holster. This photo brought-on immediate censure from (who else?) a […]