15 Jan 18

Handgun Trends:

Last week, I got my hands on a Ruger “Security 9″ 9mm autoloading pistol.

Basically, it is Ruger’s version of the G19. But the price-tag on the one I handled, at a local retailer in CO, was $300.00! At that price, they’ll likely sell briskly

I didn’t shoot it, but I will at Range Day at the SHOT show next week in Las Vegas, NV.

However, the copy I handled was slick and smooth. Nicely finished, and the trigger was very acceptable.

With all due respect, Ruger has never been my favorite pistol-maker. Their guns were perfectly functional, of course, but clunky, maladroit, user-hostile, and prone to endless recalls. That unhappy description surely does not apply to this Security 9, and with any luck, they’ll be no recalls!

Friends at Glock tell me that sales of their single-column G43 are pulling-up even with the G19!

Glock’s G19 is the most popular pistol they make, probably the most popular pistol in the world, and the one the sell most of, by far. And, it is understandably the one most imitated by the competition, notably S&W’s 2.0 M&P, a very worthy competitor!

But single-column,“flat” pistols, like the G43 (and G42), S&W Shield, Walther PPS/M2, Kahr PM9, SA/XDS, and others are increasingly popular with people who want to carry concealed but can’t find any double-column pistol that is satisfactory for that task.

At next week’s SHOT Show, I’ll get a chance to compare all the above, and get my hands on a few with which I’m not currently familiar.

In America, we (most of us anyway) are blessed with many very acceptable choices with regard to serious guns. The more informed and enlightened we are, the better choices we will make!

“I’ve seen, first hand, the terrible things people with guns do to people without guns. I never want to be without guns!”

Anonymous WWII Partizan in Eastern Europe