2 Jan 18


This will be an active and dangerous year.

1) We’ll see increasing domestic political violence, particularly in metro areas, as we approach Mid-term elections in the fall. Agenda-driven goons, physically harming political opponents, used to be confined to third-world countries. Not any more!

2) It strikes me that precious few, in a position to know, see a non-military solution to the North Korean situation. The current regime there is extremely dangerous, and volatile. A new “Korean War” is on the horizon!

3) There will be no let-up from Islamic terrorists, who will relentlessly stage attacks upon Western Civilization,

using explosives, vehicles, knives, and guns. Many such attacks will be (and have been) thwarted, but a few will succeed, to one degree or another.

4) “Conventional” violent crime also shows no sign of abating. Police officers need to be particularly wary when responding to “routine” calls. Many VCAs, who used to surrender meekly, now attack police (and others) violently, confident that the liberal media will reflexively take their side.

5) Legions, from all political perspectives, are buying guns and ammunition, even many who hypocritically claim to oppose our 2nd Amendment! A sizeable percentage of these new gun-owners lack the personal discipline necessary to learn to keep and use guns correctly. We can thus look forward to lots of UDs among the clueless.

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