1 Jan 18

“Lincoln had no patience with any who were perfectly sure they knew details of The Divine Will.”

Elton Trueblood

Hypocrites in the media!

A recent photograph of our SECNAV visiting troops in Afghanistan reveals him openly carrying a pistol in a SERPA holster.

This photo brought-on immediate censure from (who else?) a CNN correspondent.

She twits:

“Can someone explain why the head of our Navy is wearing a sidearm?”

Last I heard, Afghanistan is an area of active fighting. Anyone there, with at least two brain-cells to rub together, goes armed. But, gun-hating leftists at CNN, safe, secure (and protected by security guards, wearing sidearms) within their NYC office, obviously don’t care.

Of course, CNN executives quietly employ a veritable army of armed security guards to protect them (about which they never talk), but they personally are “far too pure” to ever touch a gun themselves!

And, anyone who does actually touch a gun can never be quite as “pure” as they are, which is one of the ways in which they smugly espouse their “moral superiority” over us mere mortals.

These sheltered, self-righteous, amoral, leftist propagandists, masquerading as “journalists,” made me sick, and they ought to make all Americans sick!