22 Jan 18

2018 SHOT Show, Range Day:

We had the opportunity today to shoot some of the guns being displayed tomorrow at the 2018 SHOT Show.
Range Day has become huge, and just seeing most everything I wanted to see consumed the entire day!

Of note:

Ruger’s PC Carbine, a pistol-cartridge-firing longarm, has been around for a number or years, and all the copies I’ve had in classes have run well. The PC now can accept Glock pistol magazines, in addition to Ruger pistol magazines! This change will make the PC appealing to police departments, particularly those carrying Glocks!

I got a chance to shoot Ruger’s “Security 9″ pistol, Ruger’s low-cost version of the G19. It has a “backward-facing” manual safety lever, which I would just leave in the “off” position anyway. Nice trigger at five pounds, a little on the light side. Crisp reset. For a serious, carry pistol, it’s not bad, and you can’t beat the price!

Walther’s famous PPQ pistol (which I’ve carried), now has a smaller version, the “SC” model. Short grip. Short slide. In 9mm, it’s an 11-shooter. Too small for me, but many will like it. PPQ’s trigger is hard to beat!

Glock’s G19X is basically a G19 slide on a G17 frame. This is a gun I was prepared not to like, but it runs fine and enables you to carry a 20-shooter (w/extended magazine). Vicki indicated the trigger-reach is much improved from my Gen4 G19.

Springfield Armory’s hammer-fired XDE is another pistol I was prepared not to like, but after shooting it, my prejudice has softened! It is very flat (single column) and easy to carry. Slide manipulation is amazingly easy! I know many women who will like it for that reason alone. This is a pistol I could carry, and would do so with confidence.

The Hudson Pistol, which I found very heavy last year, now with an aluminum frame, is much lighter. It’s a 16+1 G17-sized, striker-fired pistol that runs just fine! The two-piece trigger hinges from the top and takes some getting-used-to. Trigger pull-weight is pretty light at 4.5 pound. I could carry this pistol, but it is pricy!

Also on the pricy side is the “Archon Type-B” Pistol. This is an elegant, German-made, expensive pistol, the size of a G17. It uses a unique lock-up system, where the barrel moves back and forth, but does not tilt. The copy I shot was smooth and crisp. Trigger is very nice.

Honor Defense is making a polymer-framed, single-column 9mm (8-shooter) which is modular, and comes apart exactly like a SIG 320!

Beretta’s APX pistol is a G17-sized, double-column carry pistol. It eclipses all their other models, in my opinion, and I’ve been carrying my copy for several months. I can recommend it with confidence.

Beretta’s 1301 is at the top of the list of serious shotguns! Much less recoil than the 1201 it superceded. When you need a 12ga shotgun for serious applications, the 1301 is a good way to go!

I did not get a chance to shoot SIG’s new P365. It’s SIG’s double-stack 9mm eleven-shooter, designed for concealed carry. SIG’s display was at another range, and we were unable to get over there before the end of the day. However, I’ll handle it tomorrow at the Show.

Aguila Ammunition, formally of Mexico, is now located in Houston, TX. They’re an American company now! They make excellent training ammunition.

Federal Ammunition has “re-invented” the Hydra-Shok round. Their 9mm 124gr +p Hydra-Shok is a very acceptable high-performance carry-round, and Federal’s quality control is second to none!

Inland Mfg, makers of the popular M1 Carbine, had on display several variations on the theme, including rails, pistol-grips, AR stocks, Aimpoints, etc. All are wonderful, but my own copy is the original profile. I’m just sentimental!

As we can see, the industry is putting a lot of effort into small, flat, 9mm pistols, specifically designed for concealed carry. There are many from which to choose!

Concealed carry is now the hot market!

Once again, there is far more than one person could ever see.

SHOT Show, proper, starts tomorrow morning.

More tomorrow evening!