21 Jan 18

“Take a look around you, Boy. It’s bound to scare you, Boy!”

From “The eve of Destruction,” written by PF Sloan. Most famous rendition was Barry McGuire’s from 1965
In 2018, Western Civilization will take a beating at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Yesterday was the first major blow, in Kabul, Afghanistan:

Once again, liberals’ “shelter-in-place” protocol didn’t work-out well for at least nineteen murdered hotel employees and guests at the “heavily guarded” luxury Kabul Hotel in Afghanistan, one of the few places in all of Afghanistan considered “safe” for foreigners.

At least four heavily-armed terrorists attacked the hotel yesterday. It was a customary “one-way” Islamic terrorist mission. Over the next twelve hours, an abject slaughter took place, ending only with the shooting death of all terrorists.

Of note:

1) “Security cameras,” too numerous to even count, apparently represented no deterrent.

2) Numerous “wand-wavers” likewise failed to even slow-down the terrorists.

3) Uniformed, but unarmed, “security guards,” failed to impress terrorists also!

4) “Tightened security,” in various other forms and manifestations, also demonstrated itself to be mostly irrelevant.

5) Hostages, who were promised they would not be harmed, were slaughtered.

6) Who “sheltered in place,” died. They were either shot to death, or burned to death

7) Who unhesitatingly and aggressively escaped, any way they could, survived

All the endlessly-repeated liberal lies, once again, turned out to be just that!

What did ultimately “impress” terrorists was precise and accurate gunfire from armed and aggressive soldiers and police.

This same hotel was attacked, in an identical manner, in 2011. That time, twenty-one innocents died.

That event was mostly ignored by the Western press too.

What all of us should be learning from this incident is this:

>These kinds of deadly attacks are easily exportable to any corner of the world.

>The only real deterrent to this kind of terrorist attack is armed and trained police, security personnel, and citizens:

At the scene

Reacting effectively with precision gunfire

At once!

Of course, with liberal cowards in charge, none of this will never happen! They will always prefer dead victims to living heroes.

Thus, never depend on “the professionals” to protect you!

Go armed. Get trained. Be ready and prepared to repel such an attack with lethal force!

For one, I don’t go places I can’t be armed!

When you’re told you’re in a “lock-down,” get out of there immediately, any way you can!

Finally, I’ve received numerous requests from Christian and Jewish groups for training is view of the foregoing. I always do my best to accommodate them, but most such programs fizzle-out, for lack of interest.

Christians and Jews are apparently not frightened enough yet,

… but they will be!