17 Jan 18

Industry Info:

This evening, I enjoyed dinner with my long-time friend, Freddie Blish of Robar. Most of us are familiar with Robar’s famous coatings, including NP3.

Freddie showed me a new coating they’re introducing in February.

It’s called “Armorlube”

It has some natural lubricity, but not nearly as much as NP3. However, it is extremely hard, off the Rockwell scale, and extremely resistant to chemical corrosion. It ads virtually nothing to surface dimensions.

For pistols, Armorlube is a good choice for parts that see external wear, like slides. Internals should still be treated with NP3.

Polymer coatings on external parts are still legitimate, but Armorlube will eclipse them all!

I’m currently carrying Beretta’s excellent APX Pistol, and it will be among the first so treated!

I’ll advise.