3 Jan 18


Cor-Bon ammunition has been a family-owned company since its inception. The only CEO the company ever had was Peter Pi, my good friend and colleague. I was just on the phone with him yesterday.

At the end of 2017, Cor-Bon was sold to new owners. The Pi family is no longer involved!

I don’t know any of the details of the sale, and I know nothing about the new owners other than that they are new to the ammunition industry. I’m looking forward to meeting them at the SHOT Show later this month.

Right now, nothing is being produced at the Cor-Bon factory in Sturgis, SD, and no one can tell me when production will be resumed, nor what products will be retained and what will be dropped.

That is why Cor-Bon ammunition is currently unavailable. You may find a box or two here and there, but there is none in the pipeline.

Peter Pi was always innovative, and stickler for quality control, and that is why I carried, and recommended, his ammunition.

As I indicated, I know little about the new owners, and it will thus be some time before they enjoy my recommendation, if they ever do.

Pete’s eldest son, also named Peter, is starting his own ammunition company, in Sturgis, SD, called “Defiant Munitions.” He tells me he will start shipping product sometime during the first half of this year. I’ll advise.

In the interim, I can recommend Black Hills. They have always produced a quality product.

Speer Gold Dot is hard to beat.

Hornady ammunition is excellent, and recommended.

Federal and Winchester are also very acceptable.

Other brands are probably acceptable too, but I’m less familiar with them.

I’ll have more details as I attend the SHOT Show, but many have asked about Cor-Bon’s situation, so the

foregoing is what I know now!