24 Jan 18

2018 SHOT Show, 2nd Day:

Of note today:

Today, I talked with Justin Moon of Kahr Arms. Justin is one of my favorite gun-company CEOs, because he is at his booth all day, for all four days, talking with his customers. He is at the top of his game!

Kahr now makes a nice AR. Well-appointed for $750.00. His famous Thompson is now available with rails. An MLR (silenced 22 rimfire rifle) has been added to the product line.

His Kahr pistols are now available in the “C,” “S,” and “P” series, “P” being the most well finished and expensive, but they all run fine. We see many Kahr pistol in classes. All run well!

I carry my copy of Kahr’s P45 every day!

Gregg Garrett at Comp Tac, who makes my IWB concealed-carry holsters, indicated that some “millennial” customers think kydex has a “look” that is “too hard.” I’m not sure how that is relevant in a concealment holster, but in any event, they want a “softer look.”

So, Comp-Tac now has a “soft-look” option. The customer is always right!

Comp-Tac also makes concealment vests and wonderful leather gun-belts.

Gregg indicated a much higher percentage of LEOs are regularly carrying concealed than in the past. A lot of us are (finally!) waking up!

I saw an amazing new product today, called the Mag-Pump. There is a hopper at one end, and a magazine-well at the other. Throw a handful of rounds into the hopper, manually operate the “pump handle,” and your
magazine is fully-charged in no time, all with no thumb trauma!

It’s available in 9mm and 5.56×45. 7.62×39 and other pistol calibers will follow shortly.

I’m getting a copy!

I met the new owners of Cor-Bon Ammunition today. They were very gracious and assured me that they were shipping product as fast as they could fill orders, and that all standards, specifications, and quality-control were being maintained, and improved. Like all American manufacturers, we want them to be spectacularly successful. I told them I would stay in touch.

I met the folks at Gorilla Ammunition today also. Gorilla has established a very good reputation in a short time, and their 124gr 9mm (non +p) “Silverback” features an all-copper DPX-type bullet. Several of my respected colleagues are now carrying this round, and they like it. I may too!

Ernie Emerson showed me his new SEAX folding blade. Flat, easy to carry, quick to deploy. Emerson knives are second to none. All made in America! Ernie is another CEO who listens to his customers!

Dave Selvaggio of DSA, famous makers of FALs, showed me his CTC. Folding stock. Magazine-release near the front of the trigger-guard (much like the RA/XCR). When you want a serious 308 rifle, Dave’s are hard to beat. Dave is another CEO who is not afraid to mingle with, and talk with, his customers!

Frank DeSomma, CEO of POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory) gave me, once again, a run-down on his “Revolution” gas-piston AR rifle in 308 caliber. For those of us who love 308 rifles, this is another excellent choice! It about the same weight and size as a typical AR in 5.56×45!

Everything Frank makes is top-drawer!

This evening, I got a tour of the Super-Vel Ammunition factory in Henderson, NV. All state-of-the-art equipment! The team of Cameron Hopkins and Peter Pi make a formidable combination, to say the least!

In business since 2013, Super-Vel is currently producing an excellent 9mm 115gr +p “cup-and-core” round. I have no compunction about carrying it. But now, Super-Vel is poised to to expand into a line of +p 9mm rounds, with all-copper bullets, called the “ACP” (for “All-Copper Bullet”).

ACP 5.56×45 and M1 Carbine coming too!

Tomorrow morning, I’m enjoying breakfast with several of my esteemed colleagues, and we’ll be comparing

More then!