10 Jan 18

Latest development in the highly-competitive ammunition industry:

My long-time friend and colleague, Peter Pi, has linked-up with Super-Vel Ammunition of Henderson, NV as their new CEO

Peter, no longer associated with Cor-Bon Ammunition of Sturgis, SD, is a giant in our industry, and will be a great asset to Super-Vel.

Super-Vel Ammunition was started by Lee Jurras back in the 1960s. Lee revolutionized the industry and can be truly said to be the father of modern, high-performance ammunition.

I remember interviewing with Lee for a job with Super-Vel in Shelbyville, IN the early 1970s. I nearly went to work for them!

Probably a good thing I wasn’t hired, because Super-Vel closed its doors in 1974.

Lee Jurras died in April of last year.

Super-Vel has since been brought back to life (2013), now in NV, by Cameron Hopkins, former editor of American Handgunner Magazine. Cameron wrote the first article about Cor-Bon ammunition back in 1984!

I plan on seeing both Cameron and Pete at the SHOT Show.

Under Pete’s guidance, Super-Vel will be a major player, no doubt.

Stay tuned!