9 Jan 18

What we don’t see!

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at a NATO luncheon in Jerusalem yesterday, said bluntly that his various intelligence bureaus have recently thwarted “several dozen” major Islamic terrorist attacks in the Middle East and in Europe. He said further that at least some frustrated attacks involved commercial air travel.

Understandably, he did not get any more specific!

However, he was confident his nation’s aggressive intelligence activities have “saved many European lives!”

Many have said that, as an international figure, Netanyahu is washed-up and no longer influential.

He surely does not look that way to me!

Does his unapologetically proactive cover extend to CONUS?

We can only speculate, but his warm relationship with DJT appears genuine and solid (unlike his caustic relationship with BHO). Of courses, we’ll likely never know, at least during our lifetimes, the extent to which our two nations are “cooperating.”

For one, I hope we’re “cooperating” a great deal, and that major terrorist actors continue to quietly “go away” with little ostentation!

In the interim, Operators must be ever equipped and prepared to act decisively, while expecting scant advance warning!

We may have “turned the corner,” but leftist appeasers, boo-hooers and hand-wringers continue to sell us down the river!

“Ardor which begins with hypocrisy must conclude in treachery. At first, it deceives. At last, it betrays”

Francis Bacon