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28 Sept 17 From a student: “Yesterday evening, I had to pick-up my wife at an Amtrack station in Hartford, CT. As I waited at the rear, keeping an eye on the station as well as my car, a slovenly-dressed man turned toward me and began to approach. He muttered some sort of request for […]

“Victims,” by decree, sometimes by choice

27 Sept 17 “Of all tyrannies, one sincerely exercised for the ‘good’ of its victims is most oppressive. It is better to live under robber-barons than under omnipotent, pseudo-moral busybodies.” CS Lewis Manufacturing “Victims” There is substantial political value in “victimization,” and liberals know it! When people don’t voluntarily become victims, liberals, elected and appointed, […]

Fatal Shooting!

26 Sept 17 Fatal Shooting: This is from a friend and student, a shift lieutenant (at the time) with a large, metro PD. This incident happened earlier this year. He was within weeks of retirement! “Night shift was almost over. I was at the precinct station, and just about out the door. Then came the […]

Ready to Go?

20 Sept 17 “You may think twice about starting to build your ark- after it has started raining!” Max Brooks Ready to go? Or, merely “ready for show?” In an article from “Industry Insider,” entitled, “Marine Corps following Army’s lead and looking to change its arsenal,” we see a photo of a soldier carrying a […]

And now, Acid!

19 Sept 17 To speeding trucks, knives, hammers, AKs, bombs, you can now add acid! Islamic terrorists have now added throwing acid in the faces of infidels in the UK and Europe to their arsenal of weapons to be used against Western Civilization. Last Sunday morning, four female American tourists in Marsielle, France were victims […]


18 Sept 17 Stupid gun-handling: “Better that men should be held to consequences of their own culpable carelessness, than that ‘courts of equity’ should undertake to relieve them therefrom.” State Bank of Drummond, 93 Wis 2d at 161 When I’m involved in the investigation of an accidental gunshot injury (usually self-inflicted), I make it a […]

Concealed Carry

16 Sept 17 Concealed Carry: Those of us who routinely carry pistols in waist-band holsters on the strong side, to the rear of the iliac, like Camp-Tac’s CTAC and other premium IWB holsters that are both comfortable and eminently useable, are constantly looking for suitable outer, concealment garments. We are talking about everyday “casual […]

Not Much Room for Optimism!

15 Sept 17 Our Age “In five-billion years (give or take a million or two) the sun will expand and engulf our orbit, as the charred ember that was once Earth, vaporizes. Have a nice day!” Neil Tyson This from a friend in the System: “Putin is poised to militarily invade Europe, and NATO forces […]

Let’s Face the Music!

14 Sept 17 Post-Harvey/Irma, Operators have an opportunity for self-reflection: Analyze. Analyze news and implications about the impact of recent hurricanes on southern TX, Caribbean Islands, FL, GA, SC, an the rest of the nation. Assess. Assess your personal status, equipment, attitude, planning, training, tactical and strategic preparedness. Adjust. Make necessary adjustments. Augment. “Adjustment” alone […]

No Mercy!

13 Sept 17 On being armed, from a friend in the UK: “Recently spoke with a close friend and fellow decorated war veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Ireland. I asked him whether he is using the Cold Steel blade I gave him. He said it is among his treasured possessions, but he ‘keeps it […]


12 Sept 17 How do you “feel?” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) says we all have a right to “feel” safe. Funny, in my reading of our Constitution, I don’t see where any American has a “right” to “feel safe,” nor for that matter, a right to “feel” anything! Democrats are consumed with “feelings.” The […]


11 Sept 17 Anarchy/lawlessness in the Caribbean: Every Caribbean island impacted by Hurricane Irma has experienced complete breakdowns of law and order. Nearly all Islands affected (with the exception of Cuba), are former protectorates of France, the UK, or the Netherlands. All three European countries insist civilian populations on the Islands, as well as at […]


9 Sept 17 Who says our leftist media is agenda-driven and hopelessly dishonest? NY Times editorialists, in attempting to describe the violent street-gang problem that is currently consuming Wilmington, DE, Baltimore, MD, et al, laughingly refer to unlawfully armed gangs of violent urban thugs as: “street crews,” as if criminal gang-bangers were out there diligently […]


8 Sept 17 Hurricane Harvey Update, from a student in Port Aransas, TX “Delusions of Security” “We, along with 500k others, are now making slow clean-up progress, as we emerge from Harvey’s destruction. We have running water now. We’re told electricity will be back on tonight. However, ‘human nature’ continues to amaze! Our neighbors are […]


5 Sept 17 Courts: From a friend in the System in OH: “Recently, an OH judge was nearly murdered on his way to work. He was attacked as he exited his car, in the shadow of the courthouse! At arm’s length, the murder suspect, using a pistol, fired at the judge. The judge was hit […]

More on Flashlights

3 Sept 17 On flashlights, from a friend and one of my Instructors: “There are good reasons to have flashlights constantly on your person, in every car, and all over your house: 1) Sometimes, flashlights are not where you remember putting them! 2) It will never go dark in a convenient place! 3) When you […]

A TX Hero!

2 Sept 17 A Texas public official who does not “cater to criminals!” Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, talked with a Fox News reporter today about the way armed Fort Bend County residents might deal with looters. When asked what his county is doing to deal with looters, Nehls replied: “We’ve experienced little of […]


2 Sept 17 “Something for nothing, given to one group, is nothing for something, taken from another.” Orrin Woodward From a friend in SLC: “In an effort to keep themselves in power, liberal politicians in Salt Lake City have been ‘feeding the pigeons’ for the past decade or so. They’ve encouraged, indeed begged, hoards of […]