16 Sept 17

Concealed Carry:

Those of us who routinely carry pistols in waist-band holsters on the strong side, to the rear of the iliac, like Camp-Tac’s CTAC


and other premium IWB holsters that are both comfortable and eminently useable, are constantly looking for suitable outer, concealment garments.

We are talking about everyday “casual concealment,” not “rigorous concealment”

For this, most of us like vests! However, not all vests are suitable to the task.

A common problem with commercial vests is that arm-holes are too big. They thus allow a “concealed” pistol to be seen from the outside from certain perspectives.

Many are too short, and thus allow the bottom portion of the holster (OWB) to be exposed when one bends over.

“Fishing vests” are too “busy”

Among the few apparel-makers who genuinely understand the task is Propper.

I’ve been wearing their “Softshell Vest”


for several weeks now, and find it comfortable, good-looking, but low-profile.

It is smooth, crisp, and smart. Roomy and comfortable, but not baggy. Arm-holes are just right. Length is just right. Very well made.

While no authority on fashion, I notice when I’m wearing it, few notice me, and that’s the way I like it!