19 Sept 17

To speeding trucks, knives, hammers, AKs, bombs, you can now add acid!

Islamic terrorists have now added throwing acid in the faces of infidels in the UK and Europe to their arsenal of weapons to be used against Western Civilization.

Last Sunday morning, four female American tourists in Marsielle, France were victims of such an attack.

This trend is largely unreported in the Western media. No surprise there!

Unless, at least a dozen innocent people are murdered in a single incident, it isn’t even “news” anymore. It’s just the “new normal!”

However, it is happening often enough for the Royal Medical Society of the UK to issue “guidance” to victims of these attacks.

Governments are wringing their hands, but doing little else outside of bolstering their own protective details. No surprise there either!

Once again, for those of us down here in peon-land, who don’t rate taxpayer-funded protective details, some advice:

1) Foreign travel to the UK and Europe is not recommended, particularly to popular tourist destinations, religious sites, other tourist attractions, popular tourist hotels and restaurants. To that list, you can add Africa (particularly west Africa), South America, Mexico, all of the Mideast, and most of Asia.

2) Even domestically, stay away from any kind of political event, speech, dinner, rally, political-party headquarters, march, demonstration, etc. To that list, add sporting events, rock concerts, downtown entertainment districts, low-rent districts.

3) In general, stay out of major metro areas, particularly those with ongoing, high racial tension, which includes just about all of them!

4) Stay well away from violent demonstrations and riots. Don’t get anywhere near them!

5) Stay away from bad weather!

5) Stay highly mobile. Be prepared to change travel-plans instantly.

6) Travel well-prepared, with a trauma kit, cash, credit cards, cell phone, OC, tactical flashlight, blades, guns and ammunition.

7) Wear protective glasses!

“What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises, no matter your mood! Mood’s a thing for cattle, or making love, or playing the baliset.

It’s not for fighting!”

Gurney Halleck (played by Patrick Stewart) in the 1984 feature film, “Dune,” based on the 1965 Frank Herbert novel of the same title.