2 Sept 17

“Something for nothing, given to one group, is nothing for something, taken from another.”

Orrin Woodward

From a friend in SLC:

“In an effort to keep themselves in power, liberal politicians in Salt Lake City have been ‘feeding the pigeons’ for the past decade or so. They’ve encouraged, indeed begged, hoards of ‘homeless’ to flock to SLC and take-up residence. They bate them with taxpayer-funded handouts.

Like illegal aliens, the ‘homeless’ provide a source of easily-purchasable votes, and little else.

The ‘homeless’ who take them up on the offer are, of course, permanently unemployable. Nearly all have long criminal histories. They have no intention, nor capability, of every being honestly productive. They do, however, ‘supplement’ the city’s meager handouts with proceeds from criminal activity, like burglary, theft, mugging, ‘aggressive’ begging, etc.

The predictable crime-wave this bird-feeder has caused has now ka-boomed in to yet another manufactured ‘crisis.’

‘Quality of life’ in SLC has experienced a significant downturn!

What to do?

City and county are cynically throwing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars at this ‘problem’ (that they created, deliberately) with a huge downtown LE presence and ‘sweep,’ in an effort to arrest drug dealers working ‘homeless shelters.’

‘We must separate drug dealers and other ‘real criminals’ from the homeless….,’ or so goes the party line.

Yet, when talking with local police officers, you’ll hear a completely different story! They’ll tell you about ‘the homeless’ breaking into parked cars and houses, urinating in public, defecating on front lawns, assaulting people in public places, stealing everything that isn’t nailed down, etc.

The ‘homeless’ are the ‘real criminals!’ They are just the bottom rung. Drug-dealers are slightly more enterprising!”

Comment: Denver, LA, San Francisco, and a dozen other liberal-run metro areas all share this same manufactured “problem.”

Downtown areas have become so crime-ridden and dangerous that tourists now hesitate to go there. Cities then desperately fight to keep these areas “safe,” the only way they know how: a “wall-to-wall” police presence, particularly on weekends. That, of course, leaves no police for the rest of the city!

Some cities, like Detroit and Philadelphia, have given up! Once-lively downtown areas there are now mostly boarded-up.

It’s the trend!

“Catering to criminals,” a liberal linchpin, is rotting once-grand cities, from the inside out.

We see it even in otherwise “conservative” places, like UT. But, predictable results never disappoint!

“Government committed to the policy of improving the nation by improving the condition of some individuals will eventually run into trouble in attempting to distinguish between a national good, and a chocolate sundae.

One hazard of the ‘benefit’ form of government is the likelihood that there will be an indefinite extensions of benefits, each new one establishing an easy precedent for the next.

Another hazard is that by placing large numbers of people under obligation to their government, there will develop a self-perpetuating party, capable of supplying itself with a safe ‘majority.’”

EB White

Ya think?