13 Sept 17

On being armed, from a friend in the UK:

“Recently spoke with a close friend and fellow decorated war veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Ireland. I asked him whether he is using the Cold Steel blade I gave him.

He said it is among his treasured possessions, but he ‘keeps it well-hidden in his car, because he is afraid police will search him and find it.’ When they do, off to prison he goes, for merely possessing it!

Here in Europe, we are a society committing collective suicide, by suffocation! We are dying-out, because of the sheer weight of our nanny-state.

For one, I will fight to the death when attacked, and the rest of the procedural explanatory court trumpery is the responsibility of my clever, well-paid attorney!

God save the Queen! The rest of us, disarmed and defenseless, are evidently expendable.”

Stay armed, Brothers!”

Comment: As hapless, stranded, and defenseless hurricane victims in the Carribean are currently, and unhappily, discovering, being unarmed is not compatible with good health!

May God have mercy on the unarmed, for history never does!

“Because we have an armed citizenry, a dictatorship has not happened in America. Anti-gun fools are more dangerous to Liberty than street criminals or foreign spies.”

Theodore Haas (Dachau Survivor)