12 Sept 17

How do you “feel?”

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) says we all have a right to “feel” safe.

Funny, in my reading of our Constitution, I don’t see where any American has a “right” to “feel safe,” nor for that matter, a right to “feel” anything!

Democrats are consumed with “feelings.” The rest of us have to deal with facts and reality, no matter how anyone “feels” about it!

Last Sunday evening in a Dallas, TX suburb, eight party-goers were shot by the disgruntled ex-husband of the hostess. Hostess was among the casualties.

Seven were dead at the scene. One died later at a hospital. One survived.

The single suspect was shot to death at the scene by arriving LEOs

Type/caliber of gun(s) used is unreported.

Terrible crime scene, worst in the town’s history!

I’m sure, right up until the moment shooting started, all present at the party were “feeling safe.”

Unfortunately, none were armed and trained!

“Feelings” didn’t protect them. “Feelings” won’t protect you either!

Most people who buy electronic security for their homes, do so RIGHT AFTER they’ve been burglarized! Suddenly, violent crime becomes all too real to them, and they, at long last, wake up!

Unfortunately, taking personal responsibility for your own safety, RIGHT AFTER you’ve been murdered, is a moot point!

Dianne, and her high-roller, liberal friends, needn’t worry about any of this, as they enjoy protection provided by a literal army of heavily-armed security guards, 24/7. So, they can afford to talk interminably about “feelings”

Down here in peon-land, the rest of us can’t, and dare not!

“No matter how many speeches a politician gives in favor of ‘gun control,’ it’s a safe bet that his own bodyguards are always packing heat. Even when he’s giving a speech at a school, post office, or other ‘gun-free zone,’ Secret Service and other professional bodyguards apparently don’t trust the ability of ‘No Guns Allowed’ signs to keep shooters from hitting their targets. That’s the difference between our ‘public servants,’ and the public they ‘serve.’ Our public servants’ lives are considered much too valuable to risk in a ‘gun-free zone.’”

Jennifer Abel