11 Sept 17

Anarchy/lawlessness in the Caribbean:

Every Caribbean island impacted by Hurricane Irma has experienced complete breakdowns of law and order. Nearly all Islands affected (with the exception of Cuba), are former protectorates of France, the UK, or the Netherlands.

All three European countries insist civilian populations on the Islands, as well as at home, be completely disarmed. Only paranoid politicians (and imaginative/inventive criminals) have guns!

Now, anarchy has broken out. Full-time criminals (including jail escapees), along with “borderline criminals” (who have promptly reverted to type) are terrorizing everyone else, particularly foreign tourists, with armed robbery and physical attacks.

Predictably, all outwardly anti-gun politicians on the Islands are now sheepishly, hypocritically, desperately calling for immediate deployment of ARMED European soldiers to restore order.

A logical observer will immediately deduce that what leftists call “gun control,” (aka, total elimination of the private ownership of guns), whether tested by Mother Nature, or by Islamic terrorists, fails utterly, everywhere it has been tried.

It ever fails to protect citizens, because they are prohibited from protecting themselves. We’re currently witnessing yet another unfolding failure of “gun control,” this time in the Caribbean.

Conversely, in the USA, we love guns!

We also love freedom and independence.

Armed Americans, also impacted by Hurricane Irma (and Harvey), are not being similarly terrorized by criminals, although there are plenty of criminals around, and they’re just as sleazy as Caribbean criminals, but here they’re restrained by fear of getting shot!

Our media is ignoring this story, of course, because it doesn’t fit their leftist agenda.

“Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to ‘feel’ safe.”

Dianne Feinstein