15 Sept 17

Our Age

“In five-billion years (give or take a million or two) the sun will expand and engulf our orbit, as the charred ember that was once Earth, vaporizes.

Have a nice day!”

Neil Tyson

This from a friend in the System:

“Putin is poised to militarily invade Europe, and NATO forces are no match!

Islamics have already surreptitiously invaded all of western Europe and are well on their way to taking over in every county they’ve encroach upon, all of which they’ve historically done before, more than once!

However, given current edentate western European “leadership,” Putin can, in classic Soviet style, amoebically assume control of at least western Europe, all without a shot ever being fired (much as Hitler did in the last Century, when only opposed by similar dithering buffoons).

Not all bad news!

Once in control, Putin will boot-out Muslims as his first order of business, along with their bumbling advocates among European politicians, who have stood idly by and watched the ‘Islamic problem’ attain critical mass.

So, Putin (who knows full-well what a pernicious threat Islam represents, to all civilizations) will do what needs to be done, but what frail, leftist Euro-weenies have repeatedly demonstrated themselves unable/unwilling to do!

And, given the choice of abject enslavement under (1) Muslims or (2) Communists, suddenly Communism doesn’t look so bad after all!

At least Communists are not stuck in the Thirteenth Century!

Conversely, eastern Europe, whose weary denizens are all too familiar with brutal enslavement under Muslims, as well as Communists, are audaciously, heroically resisting both, amid pseudo-sanctimonious denigration from the western press.

No surprise there!

God bless them!”

Implications for us, from another friend and homicide detective with a major metro area:

“Too many who ‘prepare for emergencies’ never consider how they are going to hang-on to what they have.

When the world goes in the toilet, ‘normalcy’ will probably not return during our lifetimes, maybe never.

If I were to emerge from a grocery store this afternoon, with a full shopping-cart, and some punk came up behind me, grabbed one of my grocery bags, and then ran off with it, I would probably take a breath, watch him run, write it off, and then casually get on with my day.

However, when grocery stores I now frequent are either bare, or reduced to a smouldering pile of rubble, attempts to steal my food will get that same punk deader than Grover Cleveland!

What we see happening in Mexico, Houston, and the Carribean represents a clue, and I’ve solved murders with fewer clues than that!

I have a remote ‘fall-back’ location near a trout stream, deep in the woods. It is a cabin, large enough to house us and sustain us for at least several months.

And, I’ll be perfectly content to sit in the dark, with my M4 in one hand, and a fish sandwich in the other!


Stay tuned!