20 Sept 17

“You may think twice about starting to build your ark- after it has started raining!”

Max Brooks

Ready to go?

Or, merely “ready for show?”

In an article from “Industry Insider,” entitled, “Marine Corps following Army’s lead and looking to change its arsenal,” we see a photo of a soldier carrying a holstered SIG P320 (XM17) during “tests at Ft Bragg”

The pistol conspicuously has no magazine inserted!

In our extremely dangerous world, where the “fifth column”of our assorted enemies is ever-present and routinely conducts low-tech, but deadly, attacks on citizens, police, and soldiers alike, in public places, on military bases, and everywhere else that can be imagined, is our own DOD culture, even under the new Administration, still one which obsessively, indeed fanatically, focuses upon ever keeping soldiers and loaded guns as far apart from one another as possible?

“Cold guns” invariably result in the “cold bodies” of their bearers!

The foolishness of this outdated “cold range” practice, along with manically risk-averse commanders who still obviously insist upon its continuation, I would think would be aggressively addressed by our new Secretary of Defense.

Apparently, not yet!

“Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with the unprepared.”

George Clason