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Learning curve

30 Sept 13 As I continue to use my RMR-equipped M&P/40, I am discovering a learning curve steeper than I thought. With one-handed shooting, when the pistol is fully extended, the dot becomes hard to find. I have to keep reminding myself to go to the iron sights first! When using the “Good” flashlight technique […]

Gun market in the Philippines

30 Sept 13 This from a friend in the Philippines on the subject of the fickleness of the civilian gun market there: “Our national police just ordered 75k G17/Gen4 pistols. In the United States, such an order would affirm the quality of the product and drive the civilian market to follow the direction of LEO […]

Westgate Shopping Mall Massacre, Nairobi, Kenya, 21 Sept 13 (Sat)

26 Sept 13 In reviewing the massacre of innocent shoppers in Kenya, that is just-now finally resolved, photos reveal something of the police/army response. Dead (murdered) so far are in excess of seventy. Even toddlers were not spared! Final count will probably be double that number. Indeed, an accurate and believable accounting may never see […]

From a friend in the UK

25 Sept 13 From a friend in the UK: “It’s not just about being alert, aware, and unfalteringly prepared to defend yourself. During the London transit bombings of July 2005, it was in excess of forty minutes before authorities deemed it sufficiently safe to allow EMTs to enter the area and tend to the injured. […]

VBPs (Victims, by Policy)

24 Sept 13 At a press conference last week, officials from the DCPD bragged about their swift “response time” to the previous Monday’s Naval Yard shooting. Collectively, they don’t think they could have done any better. The scary part is, they’re probably right! Two minutes to get armed officers to the gate. Another five to […]

More on flying from NY and NJ

20 Sept 13 More on flying from NY and NJ, from a friend and lawyer there: “Recommend that you do not fly out of any airports in NY nor NJ with firearms. Federal courts have held that Port Authority Police may arrest any traveler who does not present a valid, locally-issued firearms permit, when checking […]

Flying with Guns!

20 Sept 13 Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on nearly a dozen commercial flights (domestic). I normally have a rifle (my RA/XCR-M at present) and two pistols. In fact, I’m in an airport right now, about to board my flight! I have three 20-round rifle magazines (308), fully charged, and three pistol magazines, […]

RMR sight on my S&W M&P

17 Sept 13 RMR sight on my S&W M&P, first extensive use: On my M&P, I have Robar PolyT2 gun-Metal Grey coating on the slide, and NP3 on all internals (“Rogatti” treatment). Robar also installed the RMR w/iron sights, all “melted” into the slide. Robar did the entire project, and, as always, their work is […]

The “Green-Zone Syndrome”

16 Sept 13 “Whenever I hear someone say, ‘… Oh, don’t worry. You’re safe here,’ I reach for my pistol!” Quotation from a WWII veteran Of course we still have few details of today’s incident in Washington DC, but it is clear, as it was at Ft Hood, that the brass doesn’t trust enlisted men, […]

Ready, or Not?

14 Sept 13 Here in northern CO, we’ve just experienced the worst flooding in many decades, maybe the worst ever! Major highways are just now reopening. Some won’t reopen for months! In the high-country, there are still many stranded in enclaves, even entire communities. There is no way to get in, nor out, except by […]

This from a Tom Burris, recently retired from the LAPD

12 Sept 13 This from a Tom Burris, recently retired from the LAPD: LAPD RETIRED SERGEANT/DETECTIVE ROBERT KOGA EOW – September 9, 2013 On Sept 9th the world of law enforcement training, martial arts, and the Los Angeles Police Department lost a true icon and treasure. Robert Koga, retired LAPD Sergeant/Detective, and the founder of […]

We threw the bums out!

11 Sept 13 CO’s message of yesterday to the overreaching mayor of NYC, “Go back to NYC, and stay there. We don’t want you out here!” For the first time in history, voters of Colorado (the few legal ones who remain) have recalled two state-level lawmakers. We threw the bums out! We’re all sincerely hoping […]

Folly, on a historical scale!

8 Sept 13 From a friend in the System: “Our current crop of politicians, liberal pseudo-intellectuals, with degrees in liberal arts and political ‘science’ are: 1) Not nearly as brilliant as they purport to be, and 2) Inclined to believe they’re so smart, they can make the unworkable work. Who so much as question their […]

Boberg’s XR9-S Pistol

6 Sept 13 At an Instructor’s Course earlier this week, one of my students brought a Boberg Pistol. It’s a very small, flat, 9mm, designed for highly-discreet, concealed carry. I saw a copy at the SHOT Show last January, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to shoot one. At 1k/copy, sales will be […]

Analyses of current politics

3 Sept 13 Analyses of current politics, from a friend in the System: “So went Rome, so we follow. The central problem with a democracy or a democratic republic is that ‘leaders’ do not have to be the best and the brightest, nor do they even have to be decent nor honest. They merely have […]

This from a friend in UT

3 Sept 13 This from a friend in UT: “Early Sunday morning, a veteran police sergeant was shot to death during a traffic stop in an upscale neighborhood (suburb of SLC). He stopped his beat-car near a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road in an awkward manor. A man and a […]

“Cogito, ergo armatum sum”

2 Sept 13 “Cogito, ergo armatum sum” (I think, therefore I am armed) It has been said that bureaucracies do only one thing well: promote themselves! There is little doubt that bureaucrats spend much of their time justifying their existence, and insisting that our Civilization would never survive ten minutes without them. As direct result […]