8 Sept 13

From a friend in the System:

“Our current crop of politicians, liberal pseudo-intellectuals, with degrees in liberal arts and political ‘science’ are:

1) Not nearly as brilliant as they purport to be, and

2) Inclined to believe they’re so smart, they can make the unworkable work.

Who so much as question their self-anointed wisdom are automatically labeled ‘misinformed’ and ‘bigoted.’ And, the predictable response to questions about their continual blundering is characterized by HRC’s, when she angrily lashed out at even mild critics of the Benghazi fiasco with, ‘… what difference does it make now?’

Progressive liberals continually insist that they are vastly more intelligent than all those ignorant conservatives. Yet, that statement is always made in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

The truth is that most professing liberals, BHO being a perfect example, are spoiled children, self-absorbed ego-maniacs who can be counted upon to throw temper-tantrums every time they don’t get their way.”

And, we’re about to see such a ‘temper-tantrum,’ but on an international scale!”


What I fear will happen:

BHO, after

1) Being told, in no uncertain terms, to “stuff it” by virtually every ally we have left, and nearly every other head of state (this, after being so piously critical of GWB for supposedly failing to put-together an adequate alliance for the invasion of Iraq),

2) Being decisively turned down by Congress (many in his own party),

will go ahead and attack Syria anyway!

No telling what happens next. No one has thought this through!

No American troops on the ground? Naive, wishful thinking!

Israel won’t be involved? More naive, wishful thinking!

When personal egos are vastly more important to this current crop of liberal “war-haters-turned-war-mongers,” than is the future of this civilization, disaster is predictable, and probably unavoidable!

History’s pages are turning rapidly!

“The urge to ‘save humanity’ is only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all ‘messiahs’ really seek, not the chance to serve.”