16 Sept 13

“Whenever I hear someone say, ‘… Oh, don’t worry. You’re safe here,’ I reach for my pistol!”

Quotation from a WWII veteran

Of course we still have few details of today’s incident in Washington DC, but it is clear, as it was at Ft Hood, that the brass doesn’t trust enlisted men, nor even officers, with functional weapons.

We arbitrarily declare certain places to be “safe.” When that self-deceptive rubbish unravels and there is an incident, such at Ft Hood, we solemnly declare that it will “… never happen again.”

Then, of course, it does, as it did today! Are we now about to be treated, once again, to all those same hollow promises?

Isn’t this one of the most “secure” buildings in DC? Everyone in the media is still stunned to learn that concealed carry is not allowed in these places, even by those who are otherwise trusted with top-secret information and billions of dollars worth of equipment.

Four years later, nothing has changed, and the dialog is all the same, ad nauseam!