20 Sept 13

More on flying from NY and NJ, from a friend and lawyer there:

“Recommend that you do not fly out of any airports in NY nor NJ with firearms.

Federal courts have held that Port Authority Police may arrest any traveler who does not present a valid, locally-issued firearms permit, when checking firearms. Curiously, NY won’t issue such permits to out-of-state persons, and New Jersey has, but it is all but impossible, unless you’re a politician or show-business personality.

When thus arrested you’ll be arraigned. You’ll likely make bail, and are free to argue your case at a later criminal hearing, that you are protected under the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986. You’ll also miss your flight, never see your gun(s) again (some judge will end up with them), and you’ll get to spend lots of money and waste lots of time.

An NJ court just issued a decision (this week) that the federal FOPA law only applies to vehicle travel, not air travel. It is, of course, a lawless decision, issued by a Constitutional criminal, but how anxious are you to be the test case?

Simply put, until Congress gets off its fat fanny and starts protecting us, and not just its own members, you are well advised to stay out of NY and NJ!

It’s all wonderful however, as the mayor of NYC, and governors of NY and NJ all purport to be stalwart supporters of the Second Amendment. They said so on TV!

All this, while innocent citizens rot in filthy and unsafe NY and NJ jails, because they had the audacity to actually want to be able to protect themselves.”

Comment: “Innocent, until proven indigent”

America under liberals!