30 Sept 13

As I continue to use my RMR-equipped M&P/40, I am discovering a learning curve steeper than I thought.

With one-handed shooting, when the pistol is fully extended, the dot becomes hard to find. I have to keep reminding myself to go to the iron sights first!

When using the “Good” flashlight technique at night, the RMR doesn’t work, as the light is behind it. I have to default to iron sights, as the dot is not useable. With the “Harries” technique, the RMR woks fine.

In the normal, Weaver, two-handed stance, the dot is now coming right up, and I can be very fast with it, and the RMR makes it easy to shoot with both eyes open, something I recommend in any event, for a number of reasons.

What we’re using today represents just the first generation of pistol optics. Before long, the entire superstructure will be gone, and there will just be a single dot, suspended in space above the rear of the slide. I hope I’m among the first to start using it!

“When knowledge is mature, the mind forgets about the hand, and the hand forgets about the sword. It is a level of skill that few obtain, and which requires a calm mind.”

Samurai Maxim