11 Sept 13

CO’s message of yesterday to the overreaching mayor of NYC, “Go back to NYC, and stay there. We don’t want you out here!”

For the first time in history, voters of Colorado (the few legal ones who remain) have recalled two state-level lawmakers. We threw the bums out! We’re all sincerely hoping our flower-child governor now leaves CO and gets appointed to the post of Ambassador to the Bermuda Triangle!

Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s, and the BHO Administrations’s, best efforts to prevent it, CO voters, in heavily Democratic districts, recalled these two anti-gun liberals (Democrats, of course) who apparently think they work for the BHO Administration, not the voters who elected them!

The United States, taken collectively, has a relatively high murder rate among mostly civilized nations. However, when you delete Chicago, Detroit , Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New Orleans, our murder rate moves nearly all the way to the bottom of the list.
Of course, these five metro areas also have the most restrictive gun-laws in the nation, and they are all under the vice-grip control of liberal Democrats, and have been for decades. In these areas, Democrats have it all their way, and they are doing their best to foist their casual disregard for individual liberty and individual responsibility upon the rest of us.

Yesterday, we collectively said, “No!”

“We don’t need to ‘reinvent’ manliness. We only need to will ourselves to wake up from the bad dream of the last few generations, and reclaim it!”

Waller R Newell