25 Sept 13

From a friend in the UK:

“It’s not just about being alert, aware, and unfalteringly prepared to defend yourself.

During the London transit bombings of July 2005, it was in excess of forty minutes before authorities deemed it sufficiently safe to allow EMTs to enter the area and tend to the injured. As a result, many among the injured died in place due to lack of timely treatment of otherwise survivable injuries.

Much the same during the Columbine massacre in CO in April of 1999. A number of badly wounded were left unattended while police hesitated outside. Again, many victims thus bled to death, who could have been saved had someone been there to treat injuries in timely manner.

By all means, be armed and ready whenever and wherever possible. But, also be prepared to treat your own injuries, as it will predictably be a long time before any kind of EMT gets to you!”

Comment: The “Big Three” life-threatening circumstances that are readily treatable in the field are:

1) Blood loss, particularly from wounds to limbs.
2) Compromised airway
3) Tension pneumothorax due to a penetrating chest wound(s)

With a small trauma-kit, and a day’s training, nearly anyone can effectively and efficiently treat and stabilize these three. In the process, (1) a needless death is prevented, and (2) the injured person stays animated, conscious, and able to pull triggers!

Every Operator needs this training! It is called “Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds,” and it is offered by a number of competent instructors, including me.

It is as important as going armed!