6 Sept 13

At an Instructor’s Course earlier this week, one of my students brought a Boberg Pistol. It’s a very small, flat, 9mm, designed for highly-discreet, concealed carry.

I saw a copy at the SHOT Show last January, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to shoot one.

At 1k/copy, sales will be confined to those prepared to pay that much for a concealment gun. Similar in size, and price, to the Rohrbaugh Pistol, the Boberg’s recoil is relatively mild. I’m not sure how that is accomplished, but normally pistols that small, even in 9mm, are no fun to shoot. I fired several dozen rounds in surprising comfort!

The Boberg is hammer-fired and self-decocking. No manual safety and no decocking lever. It’s an eight-shooter (7+1), and the trigger is forward, right under the barrel. Rounds in the magazine are actually pulled out backward. Then, a shell-lifter (similar to a shotgun) lifts the nose of the round, and it is subsequently shoved forward and into the chamber by the forward-movement of the slide.

Interesting system! But it ran fine through several hundred rounds, and I really like the size.

Like the Rohrbaugh, the Boberg is beautifully designed and beautifully made. However, unlike the Rohrbaugh, the Boberg is designed to digest 9mm+p ammunition, so it will shoot any 9×19 round.

I don’t own one and probably won’t any time soon. However, for a person looking for a “micro,” 9mm concealment pistol, and is prepared to pay the price, the little Boberg will fill the bill nicely!